Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 2

An early start to the morning, we were all annoyed about getting out of our toasty beds into the chilly Canberra air. At breakfast we were all faced with a group of army men. Shame they weren't a few years younger... We were then off to the competition. We ran a bit late and ended up sitting on the floor instead of at a table. All of the junior's performances were brilliant and we're so excited to see what the seniors have in stall for us! Dinner was a glamorous meal at Subway. Good night!

Daniella, Nicola, Kathryn, Alexandra and Adelaide

Day 1 end

We started the day bubbling with excitement about going to Canberra.... and yes, of course, missing school.

On the bus we had the iPod speakers blaring and Mrs Arci, Mrs McNicholas and Mr French wore detached looks, though you could tell that they were secretly dancing along. The journey went surprisingly fast and before we knew it we wwere at the hotel and playing rounds of "shotty picking the room first!" That problem was soon fixed with room allocation.

Day 1

The day has finally arrived.
After two long weeks of hard work, we are finally on our way to Canberra for Nationals. The past 14 days has been full of lego, robolab programs, stress, Daniella’s chocolate chip cookies and hard work at lunchtimes and after school. The relief we all felt last night after finally packing our bags, updating our facebook status’ and getting a deserved good nights sleep got us all excited for our journey this weekend. After arriving at school this morning and seeing what “packing light” meant to Woolwich girls, we double checked everything but we had some problems with the soccer programs. 

After Adrianne and Antoinette worked out the problem with their robots, we were faced with the biggest difficulty....the fun of trying to put all our big bags on the bus! We currently on the road to Canberra, annoying the life out of Ms Arcidiacono, Ms McNicolas and Mr French with our music playing. We’ll keep you updated.